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KeefH Web Designs (KHWD) artwork site 10 is available

Work in Progress (WIP): currently using KHWD owned secure URL and Domain but can easily be swapped July 2022
Any new name can be purchased and tailored to the site content. See KHWD's quotes
This site is currently KHWD Website 10 but KHWD Website 10 could become any name you like

If you are interested contact KeefH Web Designs either by email at KHWD's email or by mobile
+44 (0) 7843962729, thanks for looking and enquiring.

Many more examples of my work are available on the main biz site, click HERE

Some ideas of what you could have to spark your imagination both there and here via the drop-down menu. Enjoy and thanks for looking KeefH Web Designs (KHWD) We also have a SHOP of SERVICES available and a lot of useful KHWD Blogs to read and learn from

Phone or eMail

KHWD Website 10 Visitors map, showing who has visited from where

Velo Practice

Finally working, currently entry level, mickey mouse also experiment with lightbox links

Hallo from KeefH Web Designs my first attempt at Velo code

Velo Practice
Travel Photography
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